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    4, Reading the racket face 读懂对手的拍面

    Myth - Watch your opponents racket face to determine where he is hitting the ball. 传统观点:看清对手的拍面,以确定他的击球落点

    Truth - Excuse me! For sure you will watch your opponents racket face, speedily determine where it is going, and off you will go like a speeding bullet in the direction of the ball!


    To understand the answer to this myth you must first understand what I call "the teaching paradox." One of the most important and most difficult concepts to master as a teacher is the cause and result relationship. In whatever field you teach in you must understand the difference between what are causes (something that brings about a result) and what are results (comes about because of something else). If you teach a result as a cause you will confuse and frustrate people. It is the job of a teacher to sort this out for the students.


    Watching your opponents racket face to determine where he is hitting the ball is just such a case. Watching the racket face is a result not a cause. Watching the racket face is the result of many hours and months of practice playing the game of tennis and watching your opponents hit over and over and over again. One day out of nowhere you begin reading your opponents shots a little better than you did a month ago. I guarantee you did not accomplished this by the isolated act of watching the racket face. Can you see the problem?


    To have someone teach you a result (watching the racket face) as a cause will confuse and frustrate you. You will keep thinking, "I am watching the racket face, but I cannot determine where the ball is going. I always seem to be too late. I guess I just do not have the ability to be able to read the racket face." Now you know this is not true! If you relax and simply keep watching your opponents hit a lot of shots eventually the repetition will improve your ability to read the shot. Watching the racket face is a result caused by hours of practice, so you might as well relax and enjoy the process.



    I am constantly watching my students up at the net trying desperately to read the racket face for a lob. I observe them closely as they read lob off of the racket face only to be pummeled with a groundstroke into their stomach! So much for watching the racket face.


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    6,Follow through 随挥

    Myth - You should extend your arm straight out and up pointing toward your target on your groundstrokes.

    Truth - The pros swing upward, but do not exaggerate swinging outward like conventional methods teach. In fact, the pros swing so much upward that their body leaves the ground to maintain their balance and produce even more power and topspin (topspin makes the ball rotate forward allowing you to hit the ball higher above the net letting the spin pull the ball down into the court)..

    专业球手随挥时手臂有向上(纵向发力——译者注)的摆动,但是向外的动作(前向发力——译者注)并不夸张,这点和传统方法中教的不同。实际上,那些专业球手随挥后手臂摆得非常向上,这样有助于当他们的身体离开地时保持平衡,并通过送球动作带来更多的力量和上旋 (上旋球使球向前旋转,使得你的回球高于球网,并且过网后向下落进场内)。

    On the forehand the pros bend their elbow on the follow through as they swing over their shoulder or just below the shoulder. This is a natural motion and produces topspin on their shots.

    打正手球的时候,专业球手肘部的弯曲的高度有时过肩,有时抵于肩部,是由他们随挥时手臂的摆动线路决定的。 这是一个自然的动作,并且能够在他们的回球上生产上旋。

    On the backhand you should have a relaxed, high follow through that is also upward more than forward. Do not try to force your follow through to come to a screeching halt on the backhand. Just let it go!


    Conventional methods try to fit you into a mold that is not natural and can hamper the instinctive, automatic, and spontaneous play that is the signature of a champion. Learn to be more relaxed and natural with your follow through.

    传统的方法试图让你遵循一种模式,这样做会显得不自然,并且会妨碍你本能,自主地击球,而这却正是一个冠军球手最重要的特点。 学会更放松和更自然的随挥方式吧。

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    Technical skills 学习多项技术(主要讲如何培养球感)

    Myth - To learn to play tennis you must concentrate on many intricate technical skills.


    Truth - This is one of the toughest myths to answer because of all the preconceived ideas that conventional tennis lessons, books, and tapes have instilled in most players. The short answer is "no" you do not have to concentrate on many intricate technical skills to learn to play tennis or even to become the number one player in the world! How is that for a shocker.


    The longer answer is the pros develop a "feel" for a given shot and that "feel" allows the technical skills to work correctly. How do you develop a "feel" for a particular shot? Let me answer that by first explaining how you do not develop a "feel" for a shot. You do not develop a "feel" for a stroke by verbally trying to talk yourself through a host of different technical commands. To do this would confuse you, frustrate you, and have the affect of making you more mechanical rather than instinctive and automatic. Eventually you will think, "I'll never get this game!" Conventional methods are notorious for emphasizing technical skills and making the whole learning process mind boggling!


    You develop a "feel" for a given stroke at any level by concentrating on one or two important procedures and then letting repetition mold the rest of the stroke. As you develop a "feel" through practice the intricate technical skills will function automatically. Much of tennis will be learned in the same way that you learned to walk. You learned to walk by repetition and trial and error of some simple procedures. Eventually not only did you develop a "feel" for walking, but you learned advanced skills like running, jumping, and skipping, with no added instruction. The technical skills functioned properly because of developing a "feel" for walking through repetition.


    To help you understand this principle a little better. The next time you are playing do not concentrate on your footwork at all. Instead, just let your feet do what ever naturally occurs for the situation. Do not worry if you should step with the left foot here or the right foot there. Just play! Move your feet in a way that feels comfortable and natural. Do this for your next 5 to 6 matches and notice how your balance begins improving, notice how sometimes you will hit with an open stance (body facing the net) and sometimes with a closed stance (body sideways), and above all notice how you have become more automatic, instinctive, and relaxed.

    为了帮助你更好地理解这个原则。你下次打球时就别再专注于你的步法了。应该让你的脚为形势而自然作出准备。 别担心你左脚在这里动作不对或者在那里右脚又出错了。去玩球!用这样的一种方式可以使你即感到舒适。同时也能自然移动你的步伐。尝试着接下来得5~6场比赛这样做,并且感受一下自己平衡能力的进步,把关闭式步伐(斜着身体)和开放式步伐(身体面对球网)混起来使用。最重要的是让自己的击球更自然,更本能并且更放松。

    Guess what? You are beginning to acquire a "feel" for the footwork. Not to mention you will enjoy yourself more!


    Now, go back and concentrate on the correct footwork again and notice how mechanical and restricted you feel.


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    Form is everything 动作就是一切!

    Myth - To play tennis properly you must have the correct form.


    Truth - Did anyone ever see Babe Ruth at bat? Form? What form? This applies to most tennis pros on the circuit today! Have you been watching them with an informed eye. If not, let me help you out. The pros do not play according to the conventional methods and form that are taught today. I know, I know! They are gifted players, therefore we should not emulate them. I refer you to one of the tennis myths "emulating the pros" for an explanation of this concept.

    有人曾看见过贝贝·鲁思(大名鼎鼎的美国棒球大王贝贝·鲁思——译者注)的击球吗?他的动作?什么动作?这个观念正适合于今天在巡回赛上征战的大多数网球职业选手!你曾经用专业的目光审视过他们么? 如果没有,那么让我帮助你。 那些专业球手其实不根据传统的方法和形式来打球。我知道,我知道!他们是有天赋的运动员,因此我们就不应该努力去追赶他们。而且我建议你去找网球神话中的那篇“模仿专业球手”作为例子。

    The woods are filled with tennis players who look good, but can not win. Now, I am not saying to go out and play sloppy tennis. The point is to not get hung up on this 'perfect form' thing. If you do, you will begin thinking the correct form will make the ball go over the net correctly. You may be thinking, "well, doesn’t it?" Answer. No! You could have the perfect form according to accepted tennis instructional books and be the idol of your club. But, if your timing and judgment are lacking you will look great as the balls go flying everywhere. You will, however, take excellent pictures for the club bulletin board or perhaps a local magazine.

    你会遇到很多非常优秀的网球选手,但是赢不了他们。我不会建议你只有动作而草率地去打网球比赛的。传统观点会让你不要停止练习正确的动作,如果坚持这样,那么就能打出漂亮的回球了,这时你可能在想:“是呀,难道不是如此么?”我的 回答是“ 不!”你可能会根据接受网球教科的书的指导后培养出完美的动作,并且因此成为你所在的俱乐部的偶像。但是,如果你对击球的调节能力和对球的判断还是不足的话,就只能望球兴叹了。只有好看的动作,你只能为俱乐部的布告牌或者或许一本本地杂志拍照片而已。

    Timing and judgment are far more important than the perfect form. This is why pros are pros! Even though they do not have the perfect accepted form they have superior timing and judgment and have acquired a "feel" for a given shot. This is why Babe Ruth hit so many home runs. The form does not make the ball go in the court, the unique individualized "feel" they have developed through exceptional timing and judgment does.

    击球的时间和判断力比完美的动作重要得多。 这就是之所以专业球手能被称之为是专业球手的原因! 纵然他们没有完美的,为大家所接受的动作,但他们拥有有优良的对击球时间的操控能力以及判断力,这使得他们获得了一种“感觉”。 这也是为什么贝贝·鲁思能打出那么多本垒打的原因。 只有动作是无法使回球进入场内的,那些优秀的选手都会感到,他们是通过对击球时间的控制和判断力来完成击球的。

    Stop relying on form to make you a good tennis player. Start relying on repetition and hours of practice to develop your timing, judgment, and "feel" of a particular shot. If you have nice form that comes along with this practice, terrific. But, if you do not have conventionally accepted form, it doesn't matter. Who knows, maybe you will become a pro!


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    Balanced after every shot 击球后的平衡

    Myth - You must stand still and balanced to hit every shot.


    Truth - I do not stand still and balanced, and I have never seen a pro that does!!! Watch them on television as they hit, fall off balance, and recover. Pros do not stand still and pose like a statue after every shot. You should not either. This just does not make sense!


    I am not sure where this notion came from, but I would forget it and let your body fall off balance after every shot until one day your balance improves while recovering. And it will!


    Tennis is a moving game like riding a bicycle. You do not learn to balance yourself on a bicycle by staying balanced in one spot. Instead, you ride a little ways, fall off balance, then get up and do it again until one day your balance improves. The same is true for tennis. Move, hit your shot, and fall off balance to teach yourself balance on the move.

    网球是一种动态的运动,就像骑自行车。您不用先学会自己在自行车上保持平衡在一个点上。而是应该,骑一小段,失去平衡, 然后站起来,再做,直到您的平衡改进的那一天。这点和网球是一样。动起来击球,并且在失去重心的练习中学会掌握平衡。

    Leave standing still like a statue for pictures after you win the Wimbledon championships!!!


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    10 Winners win matches 制胜球赢得比赛

    Myth - Hitting winners is the way to win your matches 打出制胜球,比赛就能赢

    Truth -You will probably be shocked to learn that when the pros play only 10 to 20 percent of their shots are winners. This means 80 to 90 percent of the shots are consistent controlled shots moving their opponent around looking for an opening to hit a winner.


    Before I go on let me cut you off at pass. Just in case you think you are not guilty of this infraction. There are two different mindsets that can impact your matches. The first is the "consistent mindset" (waiting for the right opportunity to hit a winner) and the second is the "hit winners" mindset (trying to hit winners too soon). Most players will agree that no matter what you do in tennis you should be consistent. Yet, guess what mindset most people play in? You guessed it! The "hit winners" mindset. Most of the time players do not even know themselves that they are playing with the "hit winners" mindset. To them they are just trying to win the point. More than likely you are guilty of this infraction and do not know that you are thinking incorrectly. You probably overplay many shots attempting to win points too soon. Most players do!


    Especially if the ball comes back to you more than two times. You will begin subconsciously thinking I must be doing something wrong because the ball keeps coming back You will then attempt to hit the ball harder or try a low percentage shot to end the point. Yes, you probably play in the "hit winners" mindset too often.


    I challenge you to monitor yourself to see in which mindset you play. If you are guilty of playing with the "hit winners" mindset, make an effort to change and play with the "consistent mindset" waiting for the right opportunity to hit a winner. If you practice this, I guarantee you will begin winning points you otherwise would have lost, and as an added benefit you will play far more relaxed in you matches.


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